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Background Screening is a Service, not a product.  That is the mission statement upon which Asset Control was founded.  Our management team is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and we are here to help!  We believe that when a client needs to consult about a report, it is our responsibility to be there and provide sound advice.  After 22 years as a quality Background Screening we are well aware of the rules, regulations, and best practices that help you make the confirm your hiring decisions and avoid litigation.

We can help We are just a phone call away at 877-277-3812.

Want to know what a record means because the language is confusing?  

Feel like you need to discuss your options for a particular applicant?

Need assistance in setting up your corporate screening, drug testing or any other related policy?

These are all reasons to contact us, your Background Screening Service Provider.  We must be clear, we are not your legal counsel, we cannot make or advise you as your attorney would but we have over 22 years of experience, understand and conduct training on employment screening practice nationwide, so we know a thing or two about the process.  Give us a call today.

Dawn Pelletier, Asset Control’s Research Manager, has been with us for over 7 years.

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Dawn Pellitier
Research Manager

Russ Rosenberg, Asset Control's founder, has over 35 years in the security, safety, and risk management industry.

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Russ Rosenberg

Melia Malone, Asset Control’s Director of Operations, has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and the Background Screening industry.

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Melia Malone
Director of Operations



Asset Control has provided background reference check services to Portland General Electric since 2009. This service, which includes in-depth interviews with professional references, has been integral in helping us make informed, appropriate hiring decisions. Asset Control's easy-to-use website has provided us with timely updates on our applicants. With their quick and thorough research, Asset Control has helped us meet strict federal compliance standards.

- Linda Bodine, SPHR, Staffing Supervisor
Portland General Electric


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